News2022 retirees

This last year, we said goodbye to six fantastic employees! Glenn Fowler, Paul McNair, Charlie Curtis, Blake Shawl, Christy Hinton, and David Bishop all retired at the end of 2022. We were sad to see them leave us, but we wanted to let them know how much they mean to us here at ACE.

Glenn Fowler

glenn fowler

Glenn never pictured himself working for ACE Power, but he hopped on board with us in 1982. He’s worked his way up the ladder here. From mowing grass to retiring as Chief Meter Technician, we have thoroughly enjoyed his time with us.

Glenn has lived in Alcorn County all his life, where he has created a beautiful family. He has a wife named Kathy and three children named Kristen, Hunter, and JB. Congratulations, Glenn! We have enjoyed having you. Have a wonderful retirement!


Paul McNair

paul mcnair

Paul, the operating superintendent, has worked with ACE Power since 1984. We have loved having Paul. From Groundman to his retiring position, he has ensured safety and power usage ran smoothly.

Here in Alcorn County, Paul has created a beautiful family with his wife Lenora. He has two children, Anna and Chip, and four wonderful grandchildren. Thank you for all the memories, Paul! You will be missed!


Charlie Curtis

charlie curtis

Charlie has worked with ACE Power since 1990. Charlie started out as a Groundman and has grown with us to be an Engineering Aide. Charlie contributed significantly to ACE’s success in Alcorn County. We have appreciated his three-decade-long loyalty!

Charlie retired with his wife, Delia, who also retired in 2022! He has two children, Charlie and Anna, and a grandchild named Andrew. Congrats, Charlie! We hope your retirement is wonderful.


Blake Shawl

While Blake was born in Ohio, he is Mississippi through and through. Since being raised here in Alcorn County, he always wanted to work for ACE Power. Blake has worked with us as a Groundman for over 30 years. He has weathered some of the most powerful storms with us (literally).

Blake has a wife named Sherry and two sons, Daniel and Zachary. We hope you enjoy your retirement and don’t work too hard with your Dixie Drippin’s! Congratulations on such a big accomplishment. We will miss you!


Christy Hinton

Christy, the Administrative Assistant to CEO Eddie Howard, retired with this group in 2022. She’s worked with us for over 20 years and has seen both ACE and the community change and grow. She really took care of us—through Christmas cards, parties, paperwork, you name it.

Christy has a husband named Teddy and two sons, Daniel and Patrick. She also has 7 grandchildren with whom to spend a wonderful retirement. We know they’ll keep her busy! Congratulations, Christy! Have a fantastic retirement!


David Bishop

david bishop

David has worked with ACE Power since 1994. He started out as a tree trimmer and has grown with us to be a collector. We appreciate everything that David has done to make sure things run smoothly for our customers and our business!

David retires with his wife, Patti. He has two sons, Brooks and Bradley, and two grandchildren. Well done, David! We hope your retirement is wonderful.


“We’re a family here at ACE. We’re going to miss Glenn, Paul, Charlie, Blake, Christy, and David,” said Eddie Howard, “But we are so excited for them to get to retire from here. ACE has come a long way, and we’re proud to be able to offer that to our employees. Congratulations to all of you.”


Congratulations to All!