Establishing New Service

Online Application for New or Transferring Service Requests

Members must have the following:

  • 911 Form – go to 911 and register your name to your new address.
  • Forms of ID – You must have 2 forms of ID, one ID needs to be a picture state issued ID, and the second identification can be a social security card or any document listed on the I-9 form List of Acceptable Documents.
  • Completed Application for Service, download below
  • Lease agreement

Deposit – The residential deposit will be the Higher of :

Whether a deposit will be required prior to the establishment of residential electric service is based on a customer’s risk rating from the Online Utility Exchange through Experian.  The risk rating is calculated based on the customer’s credit score and other factors. The deposit amount will be based on the customer’s risk rating as follows:

Residential DepositOUE Risk Rating (%)Rating
2X the avg. bill at the location.30.1% and aboveFair/Poor

In no event will the deposit required exceed two (2) times the average monthly bill for the service location. For service at a new location without a service history, the deposit will be $200.00. If the customer has prior bad debt with ACE or has filed bankruptcy in the last seven years, the maximum deposit will be required.

A suitable guarantee, letter of credit or other security deemed acceptable by ACE may be accepted in lieu of a deposit. A co-signer may be used to meet the deposit requirement, provided that the co-signer is a customer in good standing with ACE and meets the credit qualification for a deposit waiver. Co-signers must sign a Guarantor’s Agreement. ACE will perform no more than two co-signer credit checks at no cost to customer, after which customer will be assessed a $30.00 up-front fee for any subsequent co-signer credit check.

For domestic violence victims, and other residential hardships, Alcorn County EPA’s standard deposit will apply. However, as an alternative, customers that qualify as domestic violence victims or residential hardships may be offered the pre-pay program or the option of paying the deposit through installment payments to be paid in full within 65 days.

Whoever is present has to have the power in his or her name. Members are not allowed to turn power on in anyone else’s name, unless they have power of attorney over that person. The 911 Form must be in the name of the person who is turning on the power.

Wiring Guidelines

Temporary Service

Temporary Service is defined by ACE Power as electric service that will be activated for a period of time less than 90 days.  In order to receive temporary service, the member will be required to have an active membership at the requested location, and may be required to put up a security deposit.