Mississippi 811

Know what’s below.
Call before you dig…
811 or 800.227.6477

Mississippi 811, is a computerized information center located in Jackson which establishes a statewide communications link between those who dig (excavators) and those who own and operate underground facilities (operators) in Mississippi. The information center is funded by a non-profit Mississippi corporation, Mississippi 811, Inc. Members of Mississippi 811, Inc., are operators engaged in the communications, Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution, Electric Power, Products/Pipeline, Municipal Gas/Water/Sewer, cable TV, and other industries. A list of the member operators may be obtained by contacting Mississippi 811.

What Does It Do?

An excavator should call Mississippi 811 two working days prior to beginning excavation (to satisfy Mississippi law):

  1. Mississippi 811 will determine from the excavator the location of the excavation.
  2. Mississippi 811 will notify all Mississippi 811, Inc., members with underground facilities in the area where the excavation is to take place.
  3. Members will either mark their facilities in the area of excavation or inform the excavator they have no facilities in the area of excavation.

All messages to and from Mississippi 811 are recorded and maintained for a minimum of 48 months. This is done for the protection of both excavators and operators.

Who Benefits From The Mississippi 811 System?

Operators, excavators and the general public. Everyone benefits from the elimination of damages. It reduces the chance of injury or death, destruction of public and private property and loss or interruption of services vital to public health and safety.