Our goal is to provide our members with affordable, reliable energy.

Up-to-date information on your ACE Power account may be found here, as well as information on rates, commercial and industrial efficiency, and specialized engineering and billing services available to commercial and industrial accounts.

Report a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed.
Report an outdoor light that is not working.

Your ACE Power Account

View your usage and pay your bill from our online portal.

Payment Options

Levelized billing provides you with a way to guard against large fluctuations in your monthly electric bill without ever having to play “catch-up” at the end of the year. Under the Levelized program, your monthly bill becomes a rolling average of your electric usage for the most recent 13 months. Therefore, your amount due will vary from month to month. However, your bill will never increase more than 20% from the previous month. Levelized billing may be used for any account regardless of payment method and is available for any residential member with a a good pay rating. Download a copy of  Levelized Billing Sign-up document.

You may pay at our office located at 1909 South Tate Street in Corinth. Our member service clerks will be glad to assist you with other services as well. You may also pay after hours by using the night depository next to our drive-thru window.

We gladly accept payment by mail. Be certain to allow 5 to 7 days for postal delivery. To insure accurate processing, please detach and return the lower portion of your bill.

Visit any local office to set up payment by bank draft. After enrolling in this program, your bill will be paid automatically each month by your bank. You will receive a memorandum bill stating showing the amount that will be deducted from you account. Download and print a Bank Draft Authorization form here.

Pay by phone by calling toll-free 1-844-741-7071.

Pay via our secure website.

Residential Services

ACE Power provides a number of services to our members beyond reliable energy.
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Water Heaters

Water Heater Rebates

Water heating is typically the second-largest energy expense in your home, after space heating and cooling. It usually accounts for about 14 percent of your utility bill. If your gas water heater is more than 10 years old, it probably has an efficiency level no higher than 50 percent. An old water heater can operate for years at very low efficiency before it finally fails.

Members replacing an existing water heater may qualify for a rebate of up to $50 as a credit on your electric bill.

To qualify for the rebate, members must:

    • receive electricity from ACE Power
    • have not received a rebate in the last five years
    • have a receipt from where the heater was purchased
    • provide a name and address where the check can be mailed
    • provide address where the heater is located
    • provide a phone number of where ACE can reach you during the day to set up an appointment to inspect

Marathon Water Heaters

Rheem Marathon™ lifetime electric water heaters feature a high-efficiency design with a lightweight tank that won’t corrode. It is the most durable electric water heater ever made. The unique, award winning construction of the seamless plastic tank means a product that is stronger, of higher quality and longer lasting. Titanium lower and copper upper elements resist lime buildup and operate more efficiently. These features, along with the BEST warranty, mean the BEST value for an electric water heater in the industry! The tank has a limited LIFETIME warranty and the parts have a six year warranty. Rheem Marathon™ lifetime electric water heaters are designed primarily for Residential use providing years of hot water for you and your family.

Heat Pump Financing

ACE Power offers financing of a Heat Pump up to $20,000 at 8 percent interest rate for a residential dwelling. For more information on the heat pump program you may e-mail the Marketing Department or call (662) 287-4402.

To qualify for financing:

When it comes to electric heat pumps, the installation is almost as important as the heat pump itself. The better the installation, the more comfortable and efficient your electric heat pump will run. It’s that simple.

That’s why your local public power company and TVA have developed the Quality Contractor Network (QCN) and the EnergyRight Solutions Heat Pump Program. QCN members have the skill and the knowledge to install the right system for your home, service your equipment down the road, and even coordinate financing through your local public power company. QCN members not only stand behind the systems they install, they also stand behind the installation process.

Outdoor lighting

ACE Power can work with you to assess your lighting needs and design a lighting system that is efficient and effective.

To obtain an outdoor light, the property owner must complete and sign an Outdoor Lighting Agreement.

If a pole is required to hang the light, a $5 monthly pole fee will be added to the cost of the light. A 48-month contract will apply to the light and pole charge.

All lights and poles are the property of ACE Power and are rented by the member. If you have any questions or for more information on this program, email us at custserv.ace@gmail.com or contact New Accounts at (662) 287-4402.

Residential Efficiency

Energy Evaluations

ACE Power and TVA have teamed up to help you better understand how you use energy. Complete a free online energy evaluation, and for more in-depth information, schedule an in-home energy evaluation, conducted by a TVA-certified evaluator.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Caulk and weatherstrip around windows and doors to stop air leaks
  • Seal gaps in floors and walls around pipes and electrical wiring
  • Change air filters monthly
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent – they use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer
  • Install aerating, low-flow faucets and showerheads
  • Fix any leaky faucets – one drop per second can add up to 165 gallons a month
  • Tune-up your heating and cooling system annually to keep it running as efficiently as possible
  • Have your ductwork inspected and repair any leaks
  • Add insulation to your attic, crawl space and any accessible exterior walls
  • Wrap your water heater with insulation or install an insulating blanket
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® label when replacing large or small appliances
  • Use power strips for home electronics and turn off power strips when equipment is not in use
  • Replace worn-out seals on your refrigerator and freezer
  • Perform a do-it-yourself home energy audit. Online and paper versions are available.
  • Reduce hot water use by taking shorter showers and using cold water for the rinse cycle in your washer
  • Turn off lights, televisions and other appliances when not in use
  • Clean refrigerator coils regularly to keep compressor running efficiently
  • Set the refrigerator temperature at 36° to 39° F and freezer at 0° to 5° F
  • Use the microwave when possible – it cooks faster and doesn’t create as much heat as a stove burner
  • Air-dry dishes instead of using the dishwasher’s heat drying option
  • Run your dishwasher and clothes washer only when full
  • Match the size of your pot or pan to the size of the burner
  • Make sure your dryer’s outside vent is clear and clean the lint filter after every load
  • Keep all windows and doors located near your thermostat closed tightly
  • Keep heat sources such as lamps and appliances away from your thermostat
  • Consider replacing your older model refrigerator, especially if it’s over 10 years old, with an ENERGY STAR refrigerator
  • Install foam gaskets behind electric-outlet and switch-plate covers
  • Dry one load of clothes immediately after another to minimize heat loss
  • Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator before cooking
  • Use the oven light to check on progress when cooking or baking
  • Keep your outside air unit clean and clear of debris or weeds
  • Use low-watt bulbs where lighting is not critical
  • Place floor lamps and hanging lamps in corners. The reflection off the walls will give you more light
  • Turn off outdoor lighting during the day. Try timer switches or photoelectric controls if the finger method is a bother
  • Keep your freezer full. The fuller the freezer, the less cold air you lose when opening the door
  • Use the self-cleaning cycle of your oven right after you finish baking. That will give it a head start in heating up
  • Hang on to appliance manuals so you can refer to them for care information and possible energy-saving tips

TVA EnergyRight Self-Audit

When you complete this do-it-yourself energy evaluation, TVA will send you a customized energy report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy – and how you can fix those expensive leaks. It addresses areas such as heating and cooling, lighting, water heating and electrical appliances. The tips are personalized based on your answers about your home and energy use.

TVA EnergyRight Online Evaluation

TVA EnergyRight In-home Evaluation

ACE Power and TVA are making it easier than ever to become energy efficient while also saving money. With the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, you can reduce your power usage and receive a cash rebate and financing assistance (if applicable) for installing home energy improvements. Plus, you may be eligible for convenient financing.

TVA EnergyRight In-Home Evaluation